Residential House:classy Luxury by Chao-Yan Chen

Chao-Yan Chen Demonstrates The Classy Luxury Residential House

Chao-Yan Chen, the architect of the award winning design Residential House by Chao-Yan Chen points out, The beauty of art comes to space and life, family and friend, and aesthetics and house. The exquisite elegant house decoration comes from not only <Cropped>

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G F D's Suzhou K.wah Royal Mansion Sales Centre

G F D Demonstrates The Suzhou K.wah Royal Mansion Sales Centre

G F D, the lead designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Suzhou K.Wah Royal Mansion Sales Centre explicates, Adjacent to Suzhou Canal which has inherited the cultural context of the South of the Yangtze River for thousands of years, the project <Cropped>

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Fading Away by Dongguan Gafa C&c Insitute

Dongguan Gafa C&c Insitute Spotlights The Fading Away Hand Ornament

Dongguan GAFA C&C Insitute, the architect of the highlighted design Award Winning Fading Away Hand Ornament says, This design originates from the abstract scene of a "dream" fading away. While the heart is believed to be the carrier of <Cropped>

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Mind The Sea Showroom by Honglei Liu-Blvd

Honglei Liu-Blvd Reveals The Mind The Sea Showroom Showroom

Honglei Liu - BLVD, the creative mind behind the displayed design Showroom by Honglei Liu - BLVD points out, This showroom has more emphasize on conceptual features, aiming to present an environmental, modern and creative branding spirit to visitor <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Pepsi Prestige Aluminum Bottle

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Pepsi Prestige Aluminum Bottle

The maker of the awarded work Aluminum Bottle by Acclaimed Designer explicates, With the introduction of the sleek, modern, aluminum Pepsi Prestige Bottle, the Pepsi occasion is elevated across the portfolio—including Pepsi, Pepsi MAX and Diet Peps <Cropped>

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The Hexagonal Wishful Knot Red Packet-Chinese New Year Red Packet Gift Set by Llab Design Ltd

Llab Design Ltd Shares The The Hexagonal Wishful Knot Red Packet Chinese New Year Red Packet Gift Set

LLAB Design Ltd, the author of the award winning work Chinese New Year Red Packet Gift Set by LLAB Design Ltd illustrates, LLAB Design Ltd. were commissioned by Kelly Services Hong Kong to design a festive gift which their consultants could hand-deli <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Xj Bank Logo and Vi

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Xj Bank Logo and Vi

The designer of the award winning work Logo and VI:XJ Bank by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Headquartered in Urumchi, Bank of Xinjiang is a new-type regional bank established in minority location. As a municipal commercial bank, it and other existin <Cropped>

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Small House Post Disaster by Anna Rita Emili For Altro_studio

Anna Rita Emili For Altro_studio Demonstrates The Absolute Box Small House Post Disaster

Anna Rita Emili for altro_studio, the maker of the highlighted design ABSOLUTE BOX by Anna Rita Emili for altro_studio explicates, This self-sufficient emergency structure is made of two structural steel frames enveloping a volume of plasterboard pan <Cropped>

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Residential House:tangxing No.5 by Saiwen Liu

Saiwen Liu Demonstrates The Tangxing No.5 Residential House

Saiwen Liu, the maker of the award winning project Saiwen Liu's Tangxing No.5 Residential House demonstrates, The unique merit of this case design is that plenty of moso bamboo(also called phyllostachys pubescens) will be used for interior decor <Cropped>

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Award Winning Glowing Light Installation

Nils-R. Schultze Discloses The Glowing Light Installation

Nils-R. Schultze, the architect of the awarded work Award Winning Glowing light installation demonstrates, The power plant of the BTB brings ecological energy to the Science-Park Adlershof. Around the water reservoirs there are rings with RGB-LEDs in <Cropped>

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