Id Frame by Plus X

Plus X Spotlights The Id Frame Id Card Holder

Plus X, the creator of the award winning design ID Card Holder by Plus X says, ID FRAME displays your ID card effectively. It is designed with essential elements required when using. To everyone, it is the best alternative enables to change every com <Cropped>

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Visual Identity For a Bakery:les Toques Du Pain by Les Bons Faiseurs

Les Bons Faiseurs Portrays The Les Toques Du Pain Visual Identity For a Bakery

Les Bons Faiseurs, the lead designer of the award winning project Les Toques du Pain by Les Bons Faiseurs explains, «Les Toques du Pain» is a bakery run by passionate bakers, mad about bread and obsessed by bread. The bakery itself and all his comm <Cropped>

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Pierre Koukjian's Bubble Bucket Bucket

Pierre Koukjian Demonstrates The Bubble Bucket Bucket

Pierre Koukjian, the architect of the awarded work bucket:Bubble Bucket by Pierre Koukjian illustrates, The Bubble bucket is a re-imagining of the iconic ice bucket in a contemporary way. An overblown size with a design that hints to a fizzy glass of <Cropped>

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Award Winning a Midsummer Night's Dream Poster

Yasuhito Takeuchi Reveals The a Midsummer Night's Dream Poster

YASUHITO TAKEUCHI, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Poster:A Midsummer Night's Dream by YASUHITO TAKEUCHI illustrates, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is a fantasy comedy of complex storylines featuring fairies, human <Cropped>

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Fresh Product Call

Sell Yours or Your Friend’s Product or Prototype! Since Our Re-sellers Are Constantly Asking Us For New Products, We Are Reaching Out For Your Help. We Need New Products For Business Gifts Sector

Sell yours or your friend’s product or prototype! since our re-sellers are constantly asking us for new products, we are reaching out for your help. we need new products for business gifts sector. .

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Speculative Future Technology Tools:pure Human by Tina Gorjanc

Tina Gorjanc Discloses The Pure Human Speculative Future Technology Tools

Tina Gorjanc, the maker of the award winning work Pure Human by Tina Gorjanc points out, The ‘Pure Human’ project is positioned in the industry as an early adopter and shaper of the values that the luxury industry is acquiring by intersecting w <Cropped>

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Poizo by Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete

Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete Shares The Poizo Smart Space Heater

Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete, the author of the highlighted project Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete's Poizo Smart space heater explicates, Poizo is an infrared space heater equipped with smart technology that can project heat precisely and accu <Cropped>

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Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin

Travis Baldwin Shares The Argus Biometric Camera

Travis Baldwin, the architect of the highlighted work Argus - Biometric Camera by Travis Baldwin explicates, Argos was created as a low cost alternative to more expensive biometric solutions or staffed checkpoints. It's made for locations where <Cropped>

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Binhi by Ito Kish

Ito Kish Reveals The Binhi Multifunctional Bench

Ito Kish, the author of the awarded work Multifunctional Bench by Ito Kish spells out, The Binhi (‘seed’ in Filipino) Collection is faithful to the core of it’s namesake - growth. With small seaters hosting crawling greens, medium-sized seaters <Cropped>

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Award Winning East Pendant Light

Ksenia Leonovich, Daria Khandzhi Presents The East Pendant Light

Ksenia Leonovich, Daria Khandzhi, the project leader of the highlighted project Pendant Light:East by Ksenia Leonovich, Daria Khandzhi explains, 13 Edison bulbs make wonderful flower East blossom. Pendant lamp East resembles the outline of exotic b <Cropped>

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