Marriott Resort Monsoon Gardens by Stephanie Wang-Design Morphology

Stephanie Wang-Design Morphology Demonstrates The Marriott Resort Monsoon Gardens Resort Landscape

Stephanie Wang - Design Morphology, the maker of the award winning project Resort Landscape by Stephanie Wang - Design Morphology explicates, The Marriott Resort landscape design exemplifies the experience of the Monsoon in Coorg by transforming the <Cropped>

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Autonomous Food Truck by Cody Moore

Cody Moore Shows The Culinary Coach Autonomous Food Truck

Cody Moore, the lead designer of the highlighted work Culinary Coach by Cody Moore explicates, Culinary Coach is a concept for a food truck adapted to an autonomous world, and a day when large companies start encroaching on the mobile food market. Th <Cropped>

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Urban Tour-X-Transportation Design For Touring by Songming Fan

Songming Fan Creates The Urban Tour-X Transportation Design For Touring

SongMing Fan, the maker of the highlighted design Urban Tour - X - Transportation design for touring by SongMing Fan explicates, UT-X is set in some tourist district, so that visitors can easily lease, and use that in a circle. People is half stand <Cropped>

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Residential Apartment:lane 19 Art St. by Johnson Huang

Johnson Huang Shares The Lane 19 Art St. Residential Apartment

Johnson Huang, the designer of the highlighted project Residential Apartment by Johnson Huang points out, The home owner is an interior designer and interested in saving energy daily, therefore, energy saving would be the main concept of this case. T <Cropped>

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Wine Bottles:bb Signature by Ruth Chao

Ruth Chao Designs The Bb Signature Wine Bottles

Ruth Chao, the project leader of the highlighted project Wine bottles:BB Signature by Ruth Chao demonstrates, With the founding concept centered in Serge Gainsbourg's notable song, BB Initials, is also the name of the champagne. The sensual lyri <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ladypenguin P Wine Tasting Set Wine Package

Jansword Zhu Presents The Ladypenguin P Wine Tasting Set Wine Package

Jansword Zhu, the maker of the award winning work Wine Package by Jansword Zhu explicates, Different from western market, China consumers are still unfamiliar with wine. Synaesthesia is the Key word of this design. Typo-taste Synaesthesia and illustr <Cropped>

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Award Winning Hanging Villa Residential House

Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja Demonstrates The Hanging Villa Residential House

Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja, the architect of the displayed work Hanging Villa - Residential House by Tonny Wirawan Suriadjaja explicates, The project is to design a villa at the mountain side, surrounded by deep valleys and forest conservatory in Bandu <Cropped>

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Award Winning Resonet Baitasi An Interactive Light Sculpture

Creative Prototyping Unit Discloses The Resonet Baitasi An Interactive Light Sculpture

Creative Prototyping Unit, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Award Winning ResoNet Baitasi An interactive light sculpture explains, ResoNet Baitasi is an interactive light sculpture exhibited in the Baitasi hutong district during Beiji <Cropped>

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Yicca 2019-International Contest of Contemporary Art

The Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The International Market of Contemporary Art. 4000€ in Prizes + Exhibition in Milan (italy)!internationality and Networking Make Yicca a Huge Opportunity For The A

The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art. 4000€ in prizes + exhibition in milan (italy)!Internationality and networking make yicca a huge opportunity for <Cropped>

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Agile Office by Yvonne Chow

Yvonne Chow Discloses The Covestro Agile Office

Yvonne Chow, the designer of the awarded project Yvonne Chow's Covestro Agile Office explicates, Blurring the line between work and life, the design approach reflects Covestro’s global presence derive from the Hong Kong culture to create a dyn <Cropped>

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